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Laboratory for artistic experiments
laboratory for literary experiments: STORYTELLER
Laboratory: Dance and Motion
Laboratory for video- & animation

This video clip of the song "Die Königin" from the STATION 17's album »Fieber« (2011) is done by Kollektiv Rutschberg.

This video takes evolved from a "dance encounter" between the Laboratory of "Dance and Movement" of barner 16 and young break-dancers of the Lukulule e.V. aus Eimsbüttel, a club from Eimsbüttel.



Laboratory: Dance and Movement

The Laboratory's "Dance and Movement" project as a part of barner 16 has been running for a couple of years. There is a fluctuation of group members and the group will be active again in the near future. Different projects have been realized:

  • performances at Kampnagel, Hamburg (GER), classical theatre settings
  • rehearsals in public spaces
  • collaboration with video-artists, Dance / Music / Video shoots in a seting at the river Elbe to the music of Station 17

The training of the group encompasses:

  • fitnesstraining
  • Yoga
  • the positioning of the body in space
  • as well as the space inside the body

Movement games, contact improvisation, development of an individual repertoire including music serve the purpose of unfolding creative movement ideas and choreographic questions.