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»Love Is A Strange Game«

from the album: Don't Call (2012) 

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Wen | 11/11/2015 |
Oska Bright Film Festival
Corn Exchange, Brighton (UK)

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from the album: Don't Call (2012)

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kUNDEkOENIG started in 2003 as a side-project of Station 17 at barner 16 in Hamburg. The band is inspired by Trash, Punk and Polka — creating thus their musical style. Now the group is reformed. Their new album "Don't Call" is inspired by New Wave.


  • Don't Call
    (2012/2013; 17records, 17rec. 018)
    Release date of the vinyl record: 18/10/13

kUNDEkOENIG: Florian Busche, Peter Burhorn, Lisa Radziejewski, Christian Hebel, Toto Graf, Carl-John Hoffmann

Current members:

  • Lisa Radziejewski
  • Peter Burhorn
  • Carl-John Hoffmann
  • Florian Busche
  • Christian Hebel
  • Thorsten Graf

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